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Student Merit Awards

It is commonplace to speak of academic libraries as existing to provide the campus community with the resources necessary to support teaching, learning, and scholarship. Faculty and students are center stage in fulfilling this mission. Students, however, support the libraries in ways that are usually not recognized formally. Every department in the libraries depends on one or more of the more than one hundred student employees, making us one of the largest student employers on campus. This arrangement benefits the libraries and the students. The libraries depend on student employees to fulfill its mission, from manipulating sophisticated interlibrary software to shelf reading in order to optimize accessibility. Library employment helps defray college costs for student employees and flexible scheduling minimizes conflict with their academic responsibilities. More importantly, library student employees can work in a learning environment that fosters the knowledge-based organizational skills central to personal and professional success.

The Harrison Libraries Board of Visitors has established an annual Merit Award to be given to student employees who demonstrate outstanding service and commitment. Following nomination by library managers and selection by an evaluative committee, up to seven of our most highly motivated students are recognized each year at the spring Harrison Libraries Board of Visitors meeting. Previous winners are listed below:


Alcadelin Herrera
Aidan O’Connell
Mary Young
Nicole Wynter





Diana Cesar
Jacqueline Kilroy
Colleen Moore
Jordan Nolan
Lauren Perala
Maura Rabuffo

Antonio Strumolo
Elise Engelhardt
Kelly Fancher
Hayden Harrower
Katelin Meyers
Matthew Kennedy
Zachary Gilbert
Alex Drivdahl

Christina Amendola
Thuy Nguyen
Jessica Rugani|

Erica Bryan
Katie Caughlan
Jenna Daly
Courtney Fries
Meredith Gilna
Katelin Meyers
Mullica Zudsiri





Chelsea Tinsler
Kendra Emery
Karen Alberding
Alexa Parr
Jaclyn Passoni
Daniel Crittenden
David Gerstenblith
Leah Isaac

Samantha Edington
Andrea Goldstein
Matthew Hambor
Matt DelCiampo
Claudia Rosenthal
Robert Rumrill

Heather Baxter
Kimberly Ehart
Shawna Fagon
Scott Lauzier
Kristin Lewter
Hollie Lyko

Richard Bertino
Brooke Duffy
Nick Statzer
Karina Maestre
Amanda McLeman
James Shepherd





Lucas Carvalho Fiho
Stephen Giorgi
Justin H. Isaacs
Alyssa Itzkowitz
Luis Rodriquez
Christian Thompson
Alisa Willis

Sierra Dixon
Charles Huang
Allison Scull
Anna Walker
Ljiljana Zecevic
Becky Zukerman

Rachel Haney
Marissa Lindgren
Katherine Piccochi
Phil Salathe
Priscilla Thorn

Tracy Bacher
Lisann Campbell
Sam Cook
Romain Floyd
Evan C. Paul





Jolie Chrisman
Erin Cook
Katie Dower
Laura Gershman
Amina Syedullah

Jineui Bae
Kristine Cormier
Ana Jara
Oloruntomi Lasaki
Andrew Place/

Olga Diaz
Yodsapat Janeborvorn
Stephen LaChance
Kimberly Ropes

Andrienne Hill
Karen Fischer
Dan Roman